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MARIA by fifty at PLAYBOY!

PLAYBOY is a magazine that aims to reach readers on various platforms, adapting its support to technological developments, always seeking to be close to readers, will always have a strong presence on the Internet, with the production of texts, photos, animations, illustrations or videos created. by journalists or creatives, who will reach readers via the digital network or mobile apps.

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We talked with Portugal Textil!

MARIA by fufty irreverence continuous growth in the North American market, a Braga men's clothing insignia that wants to make a stand in the fashion world and challenge the concept of streetwear. From Portugal to the US, MARIA's next destination could be Mexico.

The name may indicate a feminine identity, but in fact MARIA by Fifty dresses men who “increasingly like to present themselves differently and have a personal identity. They are looking for more than a label, a brand or a logo, they want quality, ”says MARIA by fifty, CEO Ivo Castro, to Portugal Têxtil.

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MARIA by fifty at the RTP website!

Around 30 portuguese brands at the fashion sector will be reunited in Paris from 18 to 20 of july, at the same time as the Paris Fashion Week.

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MARIA by fifty the portuguese streetwear brand at The Gentleman!

The Gentleman’s journal ( is a diary of the world trip around men's fashion, focused on the portuguese man.

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The new partnership with John, Snake.E and K.Lero | MARIA by fifty

The new John Diaz music video is already available and it is lit 🔥🔥. We had the pleasure to establish a partnership with John, Snake.E and K.Lero and the final result is amazing, we're really proud of our MARIA boys! Check it out now! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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In the the #Paris #fashion week, MARIA by fifty had the pleasure of being present at the Showcase Moda Portugal event powered by Moda Lisboa. The event counted with 30 Portuguese brands with the goal to present to the Parisian people what's best done in Portugal.

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Portuguese Streetwear Brand confirms presence on the biggest American Fashion Convencion. Magic Las Vegas!

MARIA by fifty, a male portuguese streetwear brand is going to be on one of the most iconic fashion convention, Magic Las Vegas, powered by UBM Fashion.

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It's official: Partnership with "jOni" for our SS19 collection.

My art comes from a pen and paper with a unique signiture.
With freedom I draw what goes into my soul, fruit of my inspiration and creativity.
I will be developing the prints for MARIA by fifty ss19 collection with a world wide vision of unifying continents with the wish that all walls are broken down.

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Thank you Tim Vieira for wearing our Drew LE Jacket

Last weekend this MARIA by fifty jacket saved me! He protected me from rain and cold during a rugby event.

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