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About Us 2

About Us 2

Highlights, personality, charisma, uniqueness, irreverence, "high-couture". That’s who we are.
High-end” details and legacy are two of the features that we feel, to the touch, in our pieces.
Luxury comes from the dedication, at every stage, of creating a piece; no detail escapes to the trained eye of MARIA by fifty team. Only the best material is suitable for a MARIA piece.
The Legacy, that comes from Maria Malheiro, the brand inspiration and mentor, that since the 80's works in the textile industry and collaborates with several of the most renowned fashion brands worldwide. Ivo Castro, the creative director, has a different approach as he challenges fashion daily and seeks solutions for the modern and daring man. Risking is the first word of his dictionary.
Through the legacy of knowledge, left from mother to son, a new approach to menswear has been developed, providing male consumers with a high-end and specialized offer based on transparency and quality.
This is MARIA by fifty. Dare to try. Dare to feel.
More than style, art and creation, it’s Human Emotion!

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