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Portuguese Streetwear Brand confirms presence on the biggest American Fashion Convencion. Magic Las Vegas!

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by MARIA by fifty

MARIA by fifty, a male portuguese streetwear brand is going to be on one of the most iconic fashion convention, Magic Las Vegas, powered by UBM Fashion.

MARIA by fifty, based in Portugal it’s a fashion and design brand with solutions for the modern man with unique quality and irreverence in the market. Founded in 2017 by Maria Malheiro and Ivo Castro, MARIA by fifty as the objective of stand a position in the fashion world and, as so, challenge the concept of streetwear with human emotions. “More than style, art & creation, it’s human emotion” it’s the company’s motto.

For the fourth year in a row, MARIA by fifty takes an active spot at the Magic convention, one of the biggest in the fashion field taking place in Las Vegas from August 12 to 14.

But why the American market? We talked with the CEO, Ivo Castro.

“The brand was launched in the US and was a success right from the beginning! We got amazing feedback from our clients and the best of all was to keep them and to make them grow with MARIA by fifty.”

The brand established herself in the market with audacity. The expectations we’re high and we were confident and proud of our product. Without any fear we took our chance by launching the first collection in the American market. “We believe since the beginning in something big that starts at our doorstep and finishes all over the world”.

The US market represents nowadays over 90% of our business volume and we’re really optimistic about this next edition. To this convention we’re expecting new clients and a raise of over 50% of our volume. To achieve this we created a unique collection based on the human emotions with over 150 references from jackets, chinos, jeans, sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies, polos, beanies and shoes. We focused our production to deliver high quality and exclusive design, geometrized and with amazing attention to detail. We search perfection to be the best in the streetwear market.

We’re seen by many as an irreverent brand that is going to give a lot to talk in the fashion world. We believe that the social part of the brand comes a lot from the place where it is produced, those are some of the reasons why we value the 100% portuguese production. To us, values and social relationships are the base to MARIA by fifty.”

What are the next steps?

Currently we want to keep on building in the American market. We’re builiding a even stronger team so that we can give answer to everything that we’re already developing to enter in the next markets, soon to be announced.

Video of the collection witch is currently on the market:



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